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mind versus brain boxing match iii_edited_edited.jpg
flower prism 1 s.jpg

among my first images generated
with craiyon

jack white 3_edited_edited.jpg
jack white 3_edited.jpg
love 4 s.jpg

now, collages using Stable Diffusion 5.27.23


warning: hefty weirdness below—other early 22-23 results, but odder

phone on a piano 1 make into phone in a dream_edited.jpg
supurb meatloaf catastrophe 4.jpg
supurb meatloaf catastrophe 3.jpg
supurb meatloaf catastrophe 2.jpg
supurb meatloaf catastrophe 1.jpg
flower prism 6_edited.jpg
flower prism 8_edited.jpg

blah blah blah: political stuff has been self-censored b/c, you know.

DALL·E 2022-09-15 10.59.36 - genZ king fights with genz farmer 1 s.png

this is where the crazy meme was. i hit del on that thing. humpherdinkus! But . . .


:but here are some things made with Dall E & the extra weird:

DALL·E 2022-09-15 10.59.22 - genZ king fights with genz farmer 2 s.png
DALL·E 2022-09-07 15.59_edited.jpg
DALL·E 2022-09-30 19.15.54 - like squeezing through a hole that's already in a hole.png
DALL·E 2022-09-10 21.44.39 - a spaceship at the bottom of the ocean and Edgar Allan Poe 3
ducks surprised_edited_edited_edited.jpg
DALL·E 2022-09-07 16.02_edited.jpg
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