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ai generated art

There was the first Gen Z president.

but, then, "genZa king fights with genZa farmer,"

read Action News Now.

And they had an image as evidence.

genz 1_edited.jpg

It was causing an outbreak,

they said. There somehow wasn't

enough uproar with just the one picture.

genz 2_edited.jpg
genz 3_edited.jpg

It's like how Law & Order is so hyper unfair and unbalanced

but then this other thing happened 

so, things were put on hold. I mean

look for yourself!

 Before                                                                                                        After 

gen z 9_edited.jpg

I mean, how is anyone going to just ignore that? Right? Am I right? No, some people can just ignore it, like it's not there. I think so. Now that I recall, some people might hardly be paying attention at all.

gen z 6_edited.jpg

it was a big turn for the world

the action centered on two

DALL·E 2022-09-15 10.59.36 - genZ king fights with genz farmer 1 s.png

Two, two, two. It had always looked like a contest of two.

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