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I wondered if it were the end. Not like

the very end, but near enough we can

feel the heat from it.

"everyone" (not at all!) turning into

hot dogs.

The procession down Park St. was formerly known as the Hot Dog Parade. There's a restaurant already with that name, though. So, now it's The Cavalcade, officially. Wikipedia still redirects and always will, so the original name is still embedded in the internet.

The costuming has become less figurative over the years. It was a gradual process; time has muddled the original intents. Or, there's disagreement on the finer points, at least to a careful listener.


And, yet, philosophizing isn't what the actual day of The Cavalcade could be about. No way. It's too big to fail attitude all the way.

Pretty soon, it was just normal to be a hot dog and there really weren't any other options. Borneo is the third largest island in the world, and that's all it is. An oval on the test!


Yes, Paulo Freire, quite contrary.

"This is so funny"

"No, it's not"

"OMG. Yes, it is."

"I'm tired," say the kids by bed time.

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