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WISDOMS (how to make this old timey?)

  • No sense flaking out or crying like a baby; but, if you do, recover as quick as you can, put in place what you can not to do it again.

  • Consult people and sources of empathy, care, love, knowledge, and wisdom.


  • No sense falling head over heels. Fulfillment won’t originate from outside like that. Fulfillment is a matter of changing what is in the heart and focusing on effort and actual outcomes.

  • That means avoiding obsessing or longing for anything that wasn’t, isn’t, and can’t be. That’s in the mind, body, family, friends, civic life, economics & material–ex eo omnes. 

  • HOWEVER: Giving up on a dream ought not to be too easy.

  • & HOWEVER: Real love, where one person is high up in another person's priorities . . . that sort of care is valuable, deserves respect, and is quite wonderful when mutual between folks!

  • Generally, I think it’s better to do what you love than to do what makes the most money. If a job is enjoyable and fulfilling, that is a tremendous value that reverberates throughout all the other aspects of life.

  • HOWEVER: That doesn’t mean a person should possibly or idly submit to sub-par treatment or pay just to do what they’re good at or enjoy. That’s especially when their work is something that clearly benefits society–not to demean any labor.

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