You’d get the impression Jesus shaved, wore a tie.

Hid cocaine in the pantry.*

Nervous delivering on the mount.


                    The poor hard worker?



"Oh, I know what I'll do. Since I feel uneasy about MLA Style, which I have to apply to my papers in order to pass a class that's a prerequisite to the rest of my education and graduation, I'll just ignore it now while I've got a team of supportive experts at my beck a...


When I was in Saudi I realized many there imagine Americans detest Muslims, but I would try to put them in touch with reality. I appreciate so many non-Muslims, but these days someone might mistakenly imagine the US were descending into something that resembles the ima...


Months and months ago I snapped a picture of a sign like this with a borrowed cell phone (don't carry such phones myself) with this post in mind. Wasn't ever able to retrieve the photo (above is a substitute) but I remember a heartfelt moment between a cleaning crew me...


Why does anyone have to debate if the killers of Charlie Hebdo staff are authentic Muslims? Regardless of what they are, their actions were not actions of Islam. They were heinous actions that resulted in the death not only of non-Muslims, but police officer Ahmed Mera...



I live in a giant

Facility:              A MODERN WESTERN HOME


                        Personal Laundromat


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