1. Title your paper with 1-3 words that indicate the broad area of your topic, not the the stance or focus—Fracking, for example.

2. Begin the text with "In today's society . . ." and include either important or significant and either increasing or more and more somewh...



Who hasn’t heard extremism among Muslims equated with “going back to the 7th century”? Not only a colloquial mantra, that’s the gist of Graeme Wood’s article "What ISIS Really Wants" in The Atlantic. Wood is thankful, though, that most Muslims are somehow naïve of wha...















Modern "revolution" crystallized: Lenin said, "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves." Beware wolves in sheep's clothing, puppets who use a bit of truth as cover to ironically inspire toward vapid, seeming solutions. Russell Brand, perhaps Alex...

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