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your billowing corn...


I could have sunk into a time warp (where time would pass but without any value) but by grace the bull detector went off. Oddly enough this got me out of another sort of time warp—one that’s had a good part of me stuck in the late '90s. The prelude was ATT offering to...

It seems the candidate thinks that it will be to his advantage to be open about his involvement in pedophilia . . . because people are tired of political correctness.




Is carpentry mostly about looking for pencils? The floor and baseboards are done, though. A garage could be called a car pantry. Skis are mostly made from fiberglass and carbon fibers and such now but they still have torsion boxes which sound like they could be carpe...


"Gauze was traditionally woven in Palestine and the English word is said to derive from the place name for Gaza (Arabic: غزة‎ ghazza), a center of weaving in the region. Despite a prohibition on trade with non-Christians from religious authorities in medieval Europe, a...



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Want to play for free?  You’ll want to upgrade your Molvernit, Metal, and Fuel refineries progressively so that the rates they produce materials increase. You can then use the materials to make and run ships...

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