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This Handbag is Just Fine & Going Up

Updated: May 26

Handbag hears critique or advice quietly and without any angst at all

this handbag is just fine poem and ai generated art

Names of the people lost

But they're closer now

In the spaces or space

Saw a star in half

No celestial clichés

"It's my heart

to keep whole


But I guess "that's what she said" goes back to some variation from a movie and it might be chauvinistic . . . but D from the record shop . . . I was in there in the late 90s and talking with him and he kept smiling and nodding and saying or asking, "That's what she said, right?"

I just went with it and then finally left. And I felt like, oh, maybe he was trying to blow me off. I mean, I'm not mega pop, you know. But when I saw him later, he had gotten it under control somewhat and then I saw a friend who knew I know D and he asked what's up with him? all he says is twss . . ..

"What I'm trying to say, and I don't mean to be offensive or cynical or anything you don't prefer, in your own special way, you know . . . is . . . that we . . . should just agree to disagree and go our own ways. That's just the simplest thing."

"Well, meantime, we can work on ourselves, right, and then try again? LOL. LOL. LOL. It's like if you're hurt you stink. Right? But if you heal, you're so repulsive no one can even stand the sight of you."

this handbag is just fine poem and ai generated art ii

Handbag lost the brick that was in it.

But what did Obi Wan say? Be stricken before you be the one to strike . . . unless you got every bit of that evil cornered in your purse and the zipper zipped and the clasp clasped.

This handbag is just fine.

this handbag is just fine


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