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Support Local Businesses Ongoing

There’s zero reason to doubt the coronavirus is real and that the restrictions are merited, if only we all followed them. Yet big business is wont to take advantage of crisis. The apprehension I have is that large corporations will use the opportunity to buy up even more real estate, further choking out small businesses. In one of the wonderous White House briefings Trump was posed with the estimate that, at the time, 3% of restaurants had closed and that a projected 11% would before long. Trump replied that these restaurants were not going away, that there would be plenty of restaurants. He said that they would all come back—with new owners, he said—but they would come back. He missed the point of the question because it’s not part of his world. These corporations have the government’s support (i.e., corporatism), both on the left and the right. The stimulus bills Pelosi is singing off on do give little checks to America (though she had tried to hold out for limited, targeted distribution) but they don’t do much about the healthcare situation and they supply already capital-rich corporations with even more buying power in a time when properties will be up for sale dirt cheap. (And meanwhile, EPA enforcement is suspended giving the big companies even more freedom and leverage while smaller outfits suffer.) Bottom line, support local businesses. It’s been the thing to do already, more than anything, to limit corporate and government control on our lives. Now, it’s all the more critical to slowing the march toward absolute control by a machine that has little regard for true human welfare.

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