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Organic Spaceship R&D + Spark!

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Two main strains were widely recognized.

Nonetheless, variations on those themes developed.

Iterations moved toward, what feels to me, as a human, to be a sleek, dominating look. Yes, the one to the right.

The correlation between appearance and personality is strong among these aliens, as compared to humans, among whom looks and interpretations are known to be deceiving.

Yes, the organic spaceships' personalities show in their structures.

Below, a human might imagine, is a practical, but oddly stylish organic spaceship (like any Volvo crossed with a Pacer).

So very odd, though, how intelligible the language of their structures are to humans, though more accurately to each other, so I've heard. That is to say, they are empathizers.

But they've decontextualized.

The result of reintegration?

Final disintegration.

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