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Pedophilia & political correctness? Plus GOP calls their own candidate a Nazi.

Remember how Trump said, "I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose any voters." Hard to believe he uttered such a coherent sentence, right? Nathan Larson's congressional run in Virgina is the closest I've seen to testing that theory, though, of course, he's not Trump. And he's also running an independent campaign, not Republican. Still, it's hard for me to not connect the dots. I'm not sure if there's a transcript of the phone interview summarized by Huffpost, and if there is I'm not sure I could stomach reading it. Based on how the article pieces things together it seems the candidate thinks that it will be to his advantage to be open about his involvement in pedophilia . . . because people are tired of political correctness.

By Trump being who he is and having the office and support he has, a lot of avenues have opened, but I still like to think this guy is delusional in his estimation of public response. Personally, I'm somewhere in the middle when it comes to political correctness, but I have to imagine even staunch detractors typically detest pedophilia, whether it's done secretly or openly. Right? So, not only can this guy not win, he really can't get a single vote, right?

But he probably will get votes. So how could we account for them? Excuse them? Ignorance? Okay, I guess, but not really. Lesser of two evils? How far does that go? When do partisan standby issues go out of play? How sick does this get?

Meanwhile, according to NBC, a record number of white nationalists are running, some unopposed. One, Arthur Jones, was denounced by the GOP as a Nazi, and yet he still won the Republican primary for Chicago's third district. I grew up in a house that paired good moral values with being a Republican. But is it a traditional American value to think African Americans on average have IQs 20 points below those of whites? No, it's not. Yet that's what Jones says.

People have really got to research. People really have got to vote. And people really have to get real. And please don't pull the straight ballot bar. Please at least don't do that. And since I'm not a Republican, I'll give you advice from one, Tim Schneider, the Illinois Republican Party chairman: “Arthur Jones is not a real Republican — he is a Nazi whose disgusting, bigoted views have no place in our nation’s discourse." Schneider explained that the GOP would back an independent candidate and advised voters “to skip over his name when they go to the polls" (The New York Times). That's what to do with these losers.

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