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When I was in Saudi I realized many there imagine Americans detest Muslims, but I would try to put them in touch with reality. I appreciate so many non-Muslims, but these days someone might mistakenly imagine the US were descending into something that resembles the image in those foreign minds. Many have stood up, but more positive voices are needed. One picture shows what happened at the school where one of my very best friend's kids attend. The other is an example of the good words that mean so much in contrast. I'm fortunate to have had very few negative experiences with the public as a Muslim and so, so many positive experiences. I'm finding *part* of that is the cultural capital I involuntarily carry as a white male native to the US. Another part of it are those around me who not only avoid buying into the hate, they speak and act against it for the sake of humanity . . . or at least they would, given the chance.

islamic center and church neighbors Waleed Basyouni COMPOSITE.png
RI Edward school vandalized.jpg

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