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Conspira B Channel: Charlie Hebdo

Why does anyone have to debate if the killers of Charlie Hebdo staff are authentic Muslims? Regardless of what they are, their actions were not actions of Islam. They were heinous actions that resulted in the death not only of non-Muslims, but police officer Ahmed Merabet, a Muslim. And he was not just killed, but purposefully shot in his head after he was already wounded on the ground with his hands raised. A Muslim died defending Charlie Hebdo, but people still want to say . . .. I am a Muslim and the world is safer for it; I was a terrible, terrible non-Muslim. The world is safer every time someone fears His Lord and holds his hands and his tongue for that reason. Religion is not the enemy. I, myself, detest the actions in Paris, but does someone who is a terrorist and who uses and profits from Muslim-ascribed terrorism have a right to protest it? An attached image points at Benjamin Netanyahu, but don't imagine he's the only one. These issues won't be solved when the world leaders who condemn terrorism do it themselves and secretly rejoice when an enemy they manufactured perpetrates atrocities. They are lovers of all violence and discord that empowers their greedy mongering. Go ahead, think I'm a conspiracy creep. It's not that I can't believe things didn't happen as reported. I'm going on that they did. But why would the officer investigating the Charlie Hebdo case suddenly commit suicide just prior to filing his report? That is pretty suspicious, and it would certainly not be the first time (or the 911th, either) a terrorist act were performed by or on behalf of one of the globalist anti-humanity machines. Everybody, including Muslims, are suffering in their clutches even as they turn us against each other. No blame at all if you can't walk out on the limb I'm alluding to here, but let's all together think and care deeply, please, that we may give victory to common sense and order.

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