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Aiman Wesley Mueller

Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Trajectory and mission . . .

I list some of my publications below alongside my own websites where I post things I'm working on or wish to share right away. For example, I invite you to my blog post on the value of sustained focus for what is says and shows about what I value and the style of writing most natural to me.

I spend a lot of time teaching and editing. That means I haven't spent a lot of time on my own production. That's life, but self-doubt is also a common part of a writer's life, even among celebrated writers. However, I now prefer what Vonnegut tells us: enjoy the creative process and making something regardless what becomes of it among others. Who knows, maybe dropping pretenses and achieving greater candor will make me more pleasant to listen to, anyway. And writing is how I work things out. Should I stop breathing if no one cares? No. So, I won't stop writing, either, and I ask for the humility and patience necessary to listen well, too. Besides, there are folks who want me to breath! I have a few readers, too!

Publications & Projects

14 apr 2021

1 aug 2015

"Winter Robbery"


Oddball Magazine

"Motivating and Confidence Building with Language Goal Drawings"

teaching note

MITESOL Messages, volume 42, issue 2 

1 jan 2015-Present

Today's date

1 jan 2013

Now Islam (my other website)

Q&A on Islam, reminders for Muslims, and Islamic blog

"What I'm Thinking about Right Now"

feature blog post on my own site,

"Are Newly Immigrated Students Who We Think They Are as English Language Learners?"

academic issue paper

"Serving for a Better World" Selected Proceedings of the 2012 Michigan Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages Conference, vol. 6, J. Perren Ed.,

1 apr 2012


personal essay

The MockingOwl Roost, vol. 2, issue 3

15 jul 2022

A Higher Restraining Force in 2022

The practice of writing, itself, is useful, apart from when it's over-prioritized to the detriment of others. Putting it too high is possible, but I think it would take wild amounts of energy to sustain that. I can already feel the wings getting heavier even while I'm still clearly more prolific now and reading more, since precipitous events of my personal life in 2022.

If I forced myself, I could turn back to work on things I've started, like a personal essay, at few stories, a hybrid chapbook (if it can be called either of those things), and loads of other ideas, even whipped-up poetry. But I'm not really looking at those much right now. Maybe at a point.

These, I'm actually working on right now:

  • Notes about what I'm learning about sustained focus and making time and space for it

  • Some bits about the next science after Newton, after Einstein, after quantum mechanics-->human consciousness

  • A letter--that's what I'm calling it, anyway--roughly steered toward a US demographic (Vague. Is it you?)

  • My personal journal

  • My Islamic journal

  • Noting plans for updates to the curriculum I'll be teaching in the fall; that will be the focus again before long.

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