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 Poor Poetry Portal East

This "poetry" is so poor it can hardly afford to exist.  It almost makes no cents at all. 

Apartment Complex


The contents?  Mainly

Olympic bat fungus.


The location, notwithstanding, all.  Every

nothing.  He sat

Of course,





Drinking empty fungus

Inside the cushions, blue.


Mm.  His

Through his

His hissing,

Wheezing, mellow

Still, all, mortified.

Usual Light Bulb Sugar




Can                   see                            Born

Through to the        other.


Through the other     and the self.



Static of the white light . . .



Sugar released,                                      Taught

Crystals collect.

Bind; colluded, the yellowing

Caramel heat.


                                                                                . . . turns irregular . . .



Cracking                                             Pain

Burning light         window

Caramel cakes         black.


Busting sugar         glass.                         Rebellion

Wild bare             wires.

Real unreal.


                                                                                . . . then dark flickers.



Fizzled electric      nodes                          Bottom

Constantly            taze.



Unconditional to desire,                             Renewal

Unexpected passage    of white light.

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